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Fractal Weather forecast


The project of the Fractal Weather forecast shall open a new chapter in the field of meteorology by building a bridge between forgotten ideas of meteorology and todays possibilities of computer technology. Our intention is to build up a precise forecast of weather events several months in advance.

We try to approach the challenge of a long-term forecast from the other side: Instead of driving ourselves into chaos (Butterfly-Effect), we use well defined nodal points and geometries as a framework. Not broadening iterations, but iterations into detail between well known supporting points.
The goal is to build up an internet based service, offering long-term weather forecasts.

Forecasts Weather maps, standard meteorological values (temperature, pressure, dewpoint, wind, clouds, precipitation etc.).
Extreme weather events (thunderstorms, hail, snow, storms etc.)
Quality Daily and hourly forecasts, up to months and years in advance.
Target groups aviation, shipping, agriculture, etc.
Realization The project is divided into several steps:
  1. basic research
  2. development of algorithms and methods for computer calculation
  3. start of weather services

Financing The entire project is self-financed.
Time Schedule There is no fixed time schedule. The project has been started in 1998 and shows good progress.
Fundamentals The Fractal Weather forecast is based on laws of self-similarity and the recursive structuring of the universe. The general principle is based on Astro-Meteorology, which is in its easiest application comparable to the forecasting of the tides.

What is Geometry of Fractals?
self-similarity and geometry of fractals in weather forecast
Fractal Weather Forecast - how it works
Books and Links

We document our progress in the Fractal Edition of our Astrological software Cenon Astro. The images show hierarchic Interval Charts of local resonances with an interval of a few minutes. One is a heavy hail, the other a Tornado.
A click to an image opens a full sized image.

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