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The main task of vhf interservice is the development of software in the field of design (CAD) and manufacturing technology (CAM), as well as innovations in this field.

  • Cenon CAM - Universal Manufacturing Software
  • Cenon - Graphics-Software with style for vector design, publishing, and more
  • Engraving Fonts - High Speed Engraving Fonts
  • Online Tool-Parameter Calculation - Online calculation of revolution and feed
  • Development of dynamic Internet services in the field of manufacturing technology
    Georg Fleischmann
  • HRB: 382014 Amtsgericht Stuttgart
  • UID: DE185251827
The vhf group
    vhf interservice is an enterprise of the vhf group

What does "the sense of motion" mean?

For vhf interservice the meaning goes beyond the obvious motion of manufacturing machines, the revolution of spindles, and the chipping of material. Even time doesn't stand still. Hence, "the sense of motion" has another, deeper meaning. It also stands for the perception of the flow of space and time.

vhf interservice is an innovative Software Business in the field of manufacturing technoloy. What's left of a CNC machine, if you remove the software? Probably as little as is left of a book without letters - it's just not making sense any more. Software almost completely determines the abilities of todays machines.
Be it Manufacturing Software, Engraving Fonts, Internet Services for manufacturing, or Manufacturing Data, vhf interservice is providing the invisible "live force" that gives things a meaning. Imagine, even the first tool shop on the Internet in 1998, came from no-one else than vhf interserice.

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